Transformers: Earth Wars Beta

Transformers: Earth Wars Beta

Updated:May 20, 2020
Category : Simulation
OS Version: Android 4.2+
Download APK v10.0.0.676

Transformers: Earth Wars Beta — choose your side in the war of Decepticons and Autobots. Assemble a team of your favorite transformers and fight for control of the Earth. Decepticons led by Megatron attacked the Earth to get valuable resources. Optimus Prime and his friends Autobots seek to protect the planet. Fight for any side of the conflict. Build and develop your own base. Get resources and increase your army. Attack bases of other players, win and get valuable Energon. Build a space bridge and get reinforcements from Cybertron.

Peculiar properties:

  • Famous character
  • Exciting missions
  • Battles with other players
  • Game chat

The game requires Internet access.

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