Space Justice – Galaxy Airplane Alien Shooter

Space Justice – Galaxy Airplane Alien Shooter

Updated:March 28, 2020
Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 4.1+
Download APK v10.1.6510

Space Justice – Galaxy Airplane Alien Shooter — incredibly dynamic and colorful arcade action for Android devices. Welcome to the future! In the yard of the 23 century and the combined forces of the Space powers begin to fight with an unknown enemy, wreaking havoc in the universe. Big galactic war begins and you have to take the helm of a combat starship to fight back thousands of enemy ships. You will find a wonderful classic gameplay, familiar to you from childhood, great graphics and style of play, as well as many innovations in the game mechanics that will give you a completely new experience in the genre of arcade action.

You can now download to Android a great arcade action Space Justice and improve your spaceship, improve its performance and put guns of unprecedented power. Explore new technologies and create the most perfect weapon in the universe! Lasers, bombs, missiles and drones will be available to you to fight the enemy, shoot tirelessly and breaks, use heavy fire to survive. You will have access to several game modes: PvP, cruiser defense, and campaign mode. Fight and win on the side of humanity, or become a space pirate and plunder cruisers competitor. Are you ready for a great space adventure in the vast galaxy?

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