Space STG 3 – Empire

Space STG 3 – Empire APK

App Name: Space STG 3 – Empire
Latest Version: v2.0.1
Genre: Games
OS Version: Android 3.0+
Package name:
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Space STG 3 — one of the many games of the real-time strategy genre. The game’s plot takes place in the distant future, where humanity is built and developed in the vastness of space. But the desire for power and wealth have always come first. Humanity began to break up into space clans that are at war with each other. You are offered to build your space base, develop it, colonize or capture alien planets and improve the technology of the future.

Description of the main blocks of the game:

  • The main base-the Main base provides a limit of the population. The higher the level of the building-the more population. Each ship and defense unit requires population.
  • Metal mine – Metal mining provides mine the metal.
  • Crystal mine-Crystal mine produces minerals of crystals.
  • Mine grapheme – Grapheme mine provides the extraction and production of graphene.
  • Power plant-Power plant produces energy on the planet. Lack of energy on the planet leads to a slowdown in construction.
  • Builder – Provides the ability to buy spacecraft. With each level increases the speed of construction units.
  • Protective building-Protective building allows the construction of planetary defense. With each level increases the speed of construction units.
  • Laboratory-Researches and improves technologies. Provides an opportunity to buy technology. With each level increases the speed of construction units.
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