Golf Royale: Online Multiplayer Golf Game 3D

Golf Royale: Online Multiplayer Golf Game 3D

Category : Sports
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Golf Royale: Online Multiplayer Golf Game 3D – a sports golf game with Battle Royale mode, beautiful courses and different characters to choose from. Here you need to compete with the same players as you, so take the stick in your hands and fight for victory in the match to take the top lines of the rating. Only you can decide what tactics are best to stick to, put the ball on the stand and make a shot, smoothly adjusting the direction and strength. There will be a fierce battle with 10 other rivals, become the best and earn a large number of coins needed to unlock new clubs, fashionable clothes and other improvements.

Find your optimal game mode, as the mechanics allow each player to customize the strikes to suit themselves. Whether you’re neat and precise or powerful and reckless is up to you. Become one of the legends of golf, sending the ball straight into the hole without a miss and calculating each subsequent movement. Pay attention to the terrain of the ground where you make the throw, as hitting the ball on the sand will complicate the process. If you want to have a great time or just relax, then Golf Royale is the perfect choice for this.

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