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Updated:October 14, 2020
Category : Sports
OS Version: Android 4.0.3+

Head Ball 2 — continuation of the multiplayer sports arcade, where you have to assemble a football team and fight with the best players in the world. Avatars will look (and are) as the head of the football player (often recognizable) sticking out of the boots. In General, nothing else, and do not need to score a goal against an opponent. The main thing is to prevent the same actions from the other side. Pumping skills will gain an advantage, and one of the 18 gains to turn the tide of the match in case of failure of the competition. Well, in the breaks you can talk with other participants and agree on a friendly meeting on the field.

The game has several modes, but the most interesting – a PvP in which you need to try to score as many goals to his opponent in the allotted time. As a control are the buttons on both sides of the screen, which allow you to move around the field, jump, strike and use superpriemy.

Victories will bring you experience points, money and a certain number of fans. Sometimes you may also come across cards with your favorite players. Each of them has certain characteristics: impact force, accuracy, jump height and much more. In addition, there is an indicator of energy that is spent at the start of the match and if you win, then return it back, defeat – will take away some of the energy and you have to either wait or spend real money to replenish it.

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