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Category : Sports
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Motorball – online soccer, where instead of players on the field you have to manage toy cars. Do you have enough skills to become the next car soccer champion? Take control of small cars and get ready to test your talents by competing with real players. Deftly Dodge your opponents and block their attacks, as well as move at full speed towards the opponent’s goal and score a goal to win the match was awarded to your team. Use fun bonuses that will provide an advantage in the arena, because thanks to them you can win the competition. In the future, unlock more unique cars, change their colors and add stickers to the body to Express your unique style and differ from other players. Also watch professional players play to learn their tactics and tricks, and show off your best moments to your friends. Motorball is a team auto soccer game with a top view, colorful graphics and a simple control system.

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