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Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 7.0+
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Birthplace – in this strategy, you will help the main characters save the rainforest and the animals that live in it. Here the boy and his friend orangutan get to the island, create your own oasis in this amazing place, restoring the forest thickets and restoring the former greatness of the jungle, saving animals as the trees are restored. Naturally, you are immediately interested in bandit elements who want to take away your wood, creating illegal logging and much more that prevents you from developing. By increasing the level, you will have something to answer such people, because animals returning to the forests are also not so simple and have their own abilities that can be pumped. So the tiger drives the enemies from your territory, and the elephant can collect water to put out a forest fire. After you have slightly increased the rainforest and returned the animals, you need to start building a settlement where food will be sold, creating your future economy right in the middle of the tropical jungle. But this does not prevent many tourists and travelers to come to you and leave their money, buying masterpieces of gastronomic skill. Make your own contribution to improving the environmental situation on our planet.

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