Chess TD – Random Hero

Chess TD – Random Hero

Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Chess TD – Random Hero – summon random monsters to defend the perimeter while hordes of enemies break through it. The gameplay does not require much explanation, you just add random units to the playing field, spending some of the resources on it. They, in turn, kill the enemies so that they do not reach the portal, which is located at the end of the path. Combine the same defenders together, combining them and thereby making them stronger to hold out on the next wave of attack, when enemies constantly raid your possessions. The gameplay of Chess TD: Random Hero is now much more difficult, because you do not have auxiliary heroes that can be put on the battlefield, and the computer will choose random bosses. Try to protect the territory with the available means and the characters that you have at the moment. There is no place to wait for additional help, so properly study your fighters, their special skills, strengths or weaknesses. The control in this mobile strategy is elementary, by tapping on the screen with one finger, you call the fighters and in the same way pump their level.

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