Civilization Path

Civilization Path

Updated:May 22, 2020
Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 2.3+
Download APK v1.2.0

Civilization Path — turn-based strategy on Android, where you will participate in various scenarios of the game. Take control of one of the presented maps of Europe or Eurasia and complete numerous missions and tasks. Play a variety of scenarios and manage the country leading it to prosperity and technology development. In the game you will find seven scenarios such as:

  • Millennium is the standard game since 1000.
  • The fall of Constantinople-begins after the victory of the Ottoman Empire over the Byzantine
  • World war I – you have to master the tanks and aircraft, so as not to lose
  • World war II – you have to win in the largest war in the history of mankind
  • Modernity – a modern world where the player is available to the technology of the near future
  • Consequences-the temperature on the whole planet begins to rise rapidly. You have to find a way to reverse this process, otherwise all mankind will die
  • Anarchy-the civilized world has fallen, now every province for itself. You have to build a new state.
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