Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Uploaded: September 12, 2017
Updated:July 15, 2019
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Clash of Clans — the iconic online strategy for mobile platforms from Supercell. The project has long been a household name and only one of its name determines the mechanics, properties and direction of other similar games. Well, before us is the canonical case when gamers need to lead a tiny village and gradually turn it into an impregnable fortress. Setting up infrastructure, research of new technologies and of course the production of all useful also present in full. At the same time to fight for territory, influence and resources with other players who are just like you, do not mind to bring a “polite” visit to the Treasury and make it clean.

The essence of the game is to build your own unique village. It will be home to all members of your powerful clan, who help in the construction of new buildings, extraction of resources and protection of the borders of the state. In addition, warriors can be sent to perform missions and capture enemy settlements.

Gameplay, conditionally, can be divided into two parts. First you need to develop your own camp, hire people, send them to perform various works, build buildings and replenish resources. The second part is devoted to battles, tactics and the ability to correctly allocate resources on the battlefield. It is necessary to choose soldiers and send them either to protect their territories or to destroy the enemy camp in order to earn gold, wood, metal and other useful resources.

As the development will increase and your camp will need more gold, people and allies. So do not forget to join the clans, where you can provide both material assistance and assistance in unequal battles.

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