Clash Quest

Clash Quest

Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 6.0+

Clash Quest – here is a turn-based strategy game for android from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Go to conquer the islands, slowly but surely moving forward, where with the help of well-thought-out tactics, you will fight not only with a variety of opponents, but also with terrible huge bosses. Combine the same troops to raise them in the level and make them even more invincible and with increased damage. Don’t forget to put long-range troops behind the melee infantry, as they are quite vulnerable up close. Calculate your moves in advance to defeat the next enemies on the battlefield, as they are all different and each requires an original approach, so you need to think carefully about how to position the troops so that their strikes deal the maximum amount of damage. Unlock new skills from your fighters, such as a fireball, a bomb explosion, and many others. Try to avoid enemy shots from long-range, powerful weapons such as cannons or defensive towers, direct your army to take out these structures first, while your knight holds off the onslaught of troops. Even in Clash Quest, you will create and change equipment for fighters, as well as unlock a lot more diverse skills to capture new islands of the archipelago.

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The game is currently available in Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden. The first entrance to the game is only through the VPN, you can continue without it!

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