Crab War

Crab War

Updated:January 12, 2021
Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 4+

Crab War – tactical strategy with elements of action-arcade. The game develops in an alternative reality, once insidious and dangerous reptiles, with the help of vile tricks expelled the peaceful crabs from the places where they lived for centuries. And for several centuries crabs are forced to huddle in underground caves, when as reptiles they basked in the sun. But the crabs managed to master the strength of the crystals and they had hope, you also have to help the outcasts to return the selected lands.
The game provides rather broad tactical opportunities, more than 80 kinds of crabs, 30 queens that will lead the troops, 18 areas of development. But do not forget that you will be confronted with 50 species of all kinds of reptiles, huge dinosaurs and other unpleasant individuals.


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