DeckEleven’s Railroads 2

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Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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DeckEleven’s Railroads 2 – continuation of the mobile game from DeckEleven Entertainment on the theme of railway construction. The main task is to create the necessary infrastructure so that the train can safely transport cargo from point A to point B. Although the meaning is easy to understand, it is not so easy to build a road network, because you will be hindered by difficult terrain and other obstacles. Build stations, lay rails, and choose the train configuration wisely, depending on the task at hand. When everything is ready, start the train and watch it go to its destination. If necessary, you can add more trains, the main thing is to make sure that they do not collide with each other. Deckeleven’s Railroads 2 consists of a single-player campaign divided into levels and a sandbox mode where you freely design Railways. There is also a section with a detailed description of each train, from old steam locomotives to modern equipment powered by diesel and electric engines. Railroads 2 from DeckEleven is a really exciting Android game about building an Empire of Railways, when the player must get the maximum profit by transporting various goods on trains.

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