Evo Pop

Evo Pop

Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 6.0+

Evo Pop – in this game, you have to create new types of creatures to dominate the rest. From a single living organism, you will receive many different creatures and your main goal is to make them the pinnacle of evolution. Just add one creature and it will start duplicating itself, you can increase its size and give it other features. You must not just grow creatures, but also bypass competitors that are highlighted in a different color. This can be achieved in two ways: eat all the opponent’s creatures, if they are smaller, or multiply up to 300 individuals. Try different ways and tactics to defeat your opponents and thus move on. Evo Pop has a clear gameplay that is not difficult to master, the Android game has more than a dozen types to choose from, colorful graphics, physical gameplay and various evolution strategies.

How to install Evo Pop

This application has a new build format, so you need to install it through SAI (Split APKs Installer). Detailed installation instructions are in the application.

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