Hay Day

Hay Day

Uploaded: September 17, 2017
Updated: February 2, 2018
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Category : Strategy
Download APK v1.37.105

Hay Day – A game on Android, in which you immerse yourself in the agriculture. You have to sow the fields with different cultures, bake bread, plant the farm and sell it all, and for the money, expand your farm and buy different equipment. And also you will have the opportunity to open your roadside store and sell your goods there.

Features of Hay Day:

  • Cook culinary masterpieces from natural products grown on your own farm
  • Open a roadside store and sell your harvest – fresh natural products
  • Play with friends and trade through Google+ and Facebook
  • It’s very simple to drive: touch the screen and enjoy the real farm life
  • Plant and care for animals
  • Expand production: put sugar cane presses and weaving looms
  • A lot of opportunities to improve the farm
  • Juicy graphics and nice music

Internet: required for the game

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