Idle Island – City Building Tycoon

Idle Island – City Building Tycoon

Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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Idle Island – City Building Tycoon — build an entire city on a separate island, expand its borders and become a real estate tycoon. Managing a construction company engaged in the construction of buildings, laying roads and the development of other important infrastructure of the city. It is necessary to build residential buildings, shops, restaurants, banks, factories and much more so that people have a place to live and work. See how the population gradually increases and what is not less important, make the right choice, it depends on whether the citizens will be happy. In Idle Island, you can play without really delving into the details of the gameplay, besides you do not need an Internet connection. Among the features: beautiful cities, clear gameplay with complex tasks and clicker mechanics, managing ten cities at once and getting game resources offline.

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