Like a King: Tower Defence Royale TD

Like a King: Tower Defence Royale TD

Updated:October 10, 2019
Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 6.0+
Download APK v1.1.9

Like a King: Tower Defence Royale TD — real-time strategy with fierce battles in the arenas for fans of the genre “Tower Defense”. Starting the game you find yourself in the lands of Thousands of Kingdoms, it’s a big fantasy world filled with magic, brave heroes and spectacular battles. It is home to humans, orcs, elves and other races that are constantly fighting with each other for the right to become absolute lords of these lands and you will join this great confrontation to go through hundreds of battles and conquer the world. Gameplay andoid game is a RTS strategy, where successfully connected TD, arena for online battles and card collecting.

Challenge your opponents to quick duels and defeat them by building defensive towers, barracks for soldiers, mines allowing you to extract resources and more. Successfully command units on the battlefield, not just to defeat the enemy forces, but also to destroy his main castle, then victory will not take long to wait. Collect cards with units and spells, make the deck you need and upgrade them to become stronger. Like A King is a fast-paced duels between two players, unique arenas, quests and participation in global events, as well as competition for leadership positions in leagues and tournaments that are held every week.

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