Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 4.4+

MadRush – a strategy game with three-minute matches, fight your way through the enemy’s defenses to win the battle. Using a variety of tactics, you have to lead your soldiers through the enemy’s defenses and this takes you only three minutes. For the final victory, at least five of your fighters must pass to the border of the enemy base territory. However, this is not easy to implement, as the enemy sets up defensive towers and also sends their units to attack. Each warrior is different, some of them will try to destroy the enemy’s towers, others go straight to their goal. Place not only attacking towers, but also block paths for enemy fighters using special devices that also generate additional energy that is required to summon the next warrior. When your Champions get a certain amount of experience, you can buy a level increase and thus raise the basic characteristics. The longer you play Android strategy MadRush, the more rewards you can get. Also compete in online matches, cooperate with a friend or a player from your clan to fight together with your opponents in 2-on-2 fights.

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