MechCom 3 – 3D RTS

MechCom 3 – 3D RTS

Updated:May 9, 2020
Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 4+
Download APK v1.03

MechCom 3 – 3D RTS is the third part of the popular strategy for android, whose actions will take place in real time. In this game, you are transferred to the future, where huge corporations are trying to capture the whole world. One of these corporations exploring the surrounding galaxy, has discovered planets where it is possible to extract valuable resources. You as a commander go to one of these planets to enter into a war with the enemies. Build military bases, extract valuable resources and create an army of furs in order to fight the enemy. The game will please new management mechanics and numerous improvements.

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The game is not working it’s stock


Thnx for this free app. 🙂