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App Name: Null’s Brawl
Genre: Strategy
OS Version: Android 4.1+

Null’s Brawl – a new private server of the famous game Brawl Stars. Today, it is available to everyone, as it has already passed all the testing stages. At the present time, the server provides 4 modes, although you can actually play only in one, namely in the collision mode. The team can have only 4 players, not 10, as in the original version. This is done for faster game search.

The fact is that there are not so many players on the new server yet. When the server becomes more popular, the number of players in the team may increase. You can play with any of the 21 fighters. All of them are open and available for free, and even if you change your account, all the characters will be available to you.

And anyone can be quickly improved to the maximum level, without leaving the team. If you decide to download the characters yourself, this process may be delayed. You can join clans, communicate via chat, as well as exchange cards if you want to.

In this game, absolutely everything is free, which means that you will be on an equal footing in the arena and it is up to you and your abilities to win or lose. It is important to dodge the opponent’s attacks and attack yourself, destroying the enemy.

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