Out There Chronicles – Ep. 1

Out There Chronicles – Ep. 1

Updated:October 14, 2019
Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 4+
Download APK v1.0.5

Out There Chronicles – Ep. 1 – an interactive game on android, where your task will be, to travel through a huge galaxy and meet new game characters. This game will take you to a time when humanity has settled on other planets, making them their colony. In this game you meet with different characters and will meet many intelligent species and aliens. Explore the galaxy and look for answers to all your questions, trying to find out what happened to all of humanity. Communicate with people and other species and uncover all the secrets of this game. Learn new languages ​​spoken by aliens and learn their culture. In this game there are several endings, so make the right decision to finish the game with a successful ending.

Game features:

  • 80 achievements
  • Interactive science fiction graphic novel
  • >

  • Your choice may have consequences
  • Exciting music
  • Exciting plot
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