The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead: Survivors

Updated:February 22, 2021
Category : Strategy
OS Version: Android 4.4+

The Walking Dead: Survivors – new strategy from Elex in the zombie setting. At the same time, players will find the signature features of the famous walking Dead universe. They are intended to lead a small group of people who want to finally stop their wanderings and start living in a safe place. Construction, arrangement, development and ensuring its safety and players will be engaged throughout the exciting gameplay. Beautiful graphics, a variety of actions and features, cooperation with other gamers and other factors make this project an excellent choice for all fans of the genre.

This is a strategy game from the Studio Elex, which was based on the universe of “the Walking Dead” Creator Robert Kirkman. Lead your team of survivors, build a safe shelter, get food and ammunition, fight the dead and survive!

The world was divided into before and after when a mysterious virus infected half of humanity, turning people into bloodthirsty zombies. Now you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of dangers and wandering dead. Fight them side by side with the legendary heroes Glenn, Rick, Michonne and other famous characters of the Walking dead. Create a safe space for your team, go in search of food and useful supplies, and explore new territories.

Build your survival strategy and always be on the lookout, because in addition to the walkers, you will have to fight with other survivors, who may be much more dangerous than the dead. Recruit other heroes to your team and use their skills and strengths in the fight against evil spirits. Team up with players around the world and communicate with them using the built-in translator. Can you not only survive, but also preserve the qualities of a decent person? Play and find out who you would become in the post-Apocalypse world.

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