Survival Stealth Mission

Survival Stealth Mission

Uploaded: September 2, 2018
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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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You have been on a secret mission in enemy country, steal important information about lever forces, defense system, rebels and underworld Empire when things went wrong and you are arrested. The enemy knows that you have all the information you need, that they can’t sentence you to death before investigation and evidence. Here you have a chance to make an escape plan.

You are in one prisoner from the most brutal high security prison colony of the country with deadly criminals. To escape from the investigation you have to break the prison and fight the prison guards and K9 dogs. Luckily you have made several partners in this rescue mission, they belong to the underworld mafia and they are going to help you in this rescue operation.

As an Intern you have received the best military training of the Military Academy and from the mental and physical training of the intelligence Agency you have got the best to become one of the most rated commando of your army. Now is the time to prove.
Government puppets; police, secret agencies and other law enforcement agencies after you. You have to get out of jail to escape from the country and take the information with you for which you have been spying in this country. Stay away from security cameras and keep the cover in the shade for stealth. This is not only a matter of your survival, but also a matter of national security.

Shoot down the prison police and guards and take your weapons, money and ID cards for communication codes. Unlock locked doors. Stay calm, be fast and be a super hero for your country.

Upgrade your weapons with the purchase or theft of security guards and police.
In futuristic combat the only thing that is going to be important is military intelligence not tanks, planes and bullets. You’re a real commando. You know how to protect yourself. I wish you good luck

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