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Category : Trivia
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Trivia Cars – here you need to correctly answer the quiz questions to get to the finish line faster than your rivals. In order not to crash into an obstacle and not lose time, you should answer the tasks, which in this game are more than two million. The questions relate to a wide variety of areas of knowledge, ranging from mathematics to logic. Create your cool character and choose the first car, then you can start the competition. Real-time gameplay, so you compete with intelligence and speed against the same players.

By earning points and cups, you can unlock new cars or upgrade an existing one. For each new track, install the appropriate spare parts and tires on your racing car to become the best in mud and ice, as well as in a snowstorm. Every week there is a tournament with a large number of participants and the winner will be only one who will receive unique prizes. Challenge the whole world, unlock unique cars, improve them with the help of parts, which are about twenty in the game and take the first places in the rating list. Prove to everyone who is the smartest and fastest here.

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