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Those who for one reason or another do not yet know what exactly it is, it is worth explaining that Minecraft is a game of the sandbox genre, which means “sandbox” in English, namely a virtual constructor that can give players incredible freedom of action.

This game sold 4 million copies on PC, and began to successfully conquer other gaming platforms,including mono and Android. At the moment, it is quite difficult to find some modern gaming device that does not have a special version of Minecraft. This review will tell you about the official version of this game for smartphones and Android tablets, namely about Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Download Minecraft PE APK

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The main part of video games designed for smartphones and tablets can to some extent deprive the player of his freedom of action, and is a linear sequence of levels. If we talk about the rest of the games, they are a kind of casual timekillers, where the players ‘ capabilities are quite limited.

In Minecraft, on the contrary, there is an unknown huge world on the tablet, which consists of blocks of cubic shape.

Blocks are made of different materials such as wood, sand, stone, lava, water.

The player can change this world at their own discretion, while the blocks can be used both in their original form, and processed, and thus receive some new materials. Of course, the player is not alone in this world. There are animals that, by the way,can be eaten, as well as various monsters that can themselves eat the player. There are two main game modes, namely Creative and Survival. In the first, the player can practice construction, since he is not in any danger. In the second, as it becomes clear from the name, the player does not live, but survives. In addition, pocket Minecraft can support multiplayer over the Internet, so there is a very real danger of discharging your own smartphone or tablet ahead of time.

Download Minecraft PE APK


When you enter the main menu of MCPE, you can select the game mode. Actually, there are two of them, and they may differ in the tasks that the character must perform.

So, the first option of the game is survival. The hero can face various difficult challenges that will need to be overcome with the help of their mind and skills, in fact, as in reality. Heroes build structures, get resources to promote construction and create weapons, while exploring the area in open spaces, and defending themselves from monsters. The mode is perfect for players with good wit, who can adapt to the most unexpected living conditions.

The second option is the Creative mode. In it, the hero will not need to worry about hunger, and he will not have enemies. The hero can not die, and also has an inexhaustible supply of building materials.

This game mode is great for creating an unusual world, as far as your imagination can go. If we talk about the disadvantages, the game graphics are pure cubism, so many fans of more advanced games in graphic terms simply can not look at it without regret.

In General, we can say that the graphic style is due to a special game mechanics, so do not regard it as a disadvantage.

The game does not have any plot or video inserts. Movement and overview is performed using the buttons on the screen.


In General, we can say that the management is very similar to that in other games that take place in the first person, however, it works very clumsily, which certainly does not add to the entire process of fun. However, in General, the convenience of games on a tablet is much higher than on a smartphone.

It is also worth noting that the size of the game world is very small due to a number of restrictions imposed on the performance of mobile devices. However, the development of games is in full swing, so in the next versions, the restriction on the size of the game world will be removed. At the moment, the main differences from the PC version can be considered the absence of caves, the ability to extract various minerals, as well as the above-mentioned restriction on the size of generated worlds for the game.

Download Minecraft PE APK