Beta test of the royal battle with the construction of FortCraft started a couple of hours before Fortnite


is just getting ready to go out on mobile devices, and the rest of the developers have already begun to copy it. The first to arrive NetEase, announced a beta test – the royal battle with elements of construction, insanely reminiscent of the development of Epic Games.

This is not the first project of the publisher, it also belongs, and very similar to PUBG, however, the very principle is to have time to organize a beta test until competitors are only thinking with thoughts, rather ambiguous. On the one hand, it gives more relevant projects to the market. On the other hand, their quality leaves much to be desired.

FortCraft did even more – its beta test purposefully started just a couple of hours earlier than that of Fortnite. But the game itself as two drops looks like a competitor, albeit with its own characteristics, for example, the ability to build forts with a single button.

An important difference at the moment is the ability to participate in the user test and the old ones. For sure, the most part will remain true to the game from Epic Games, but, perhaps, when the hype subsides, it becomes obvious how NetEase is ready to develop its own development. And the players will understand where it is worth investing your time and energy.

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    Good game

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