Classic Valkyrie Profile Lenneth will be released on Android and iOS in the spring in Japan, the world release – later


A week ago, a mysterious teaser appeared on the network, connected with the game, which was released on the PlayStation in 1999. There was no information in it. The only clue is to add Lenneth to the name, which points to the port of the same game on the PSP in 2006.

Now the official site has been updated, and we know that this will be the port of the PSP-version on mobile devices. The game should be released on Android and iOS this spring in Japan, and the world release will be a little later.

Valkyrie Profile is quite unusual. You play as a Valkyrie named Lenneth, who goes to Midgard in search of the souls of the dead. Once she was also a human being, and one of the main storylines is her attempts to restore memories from a past life.

One of the main game chips at the time of release was a side view, which is very unusual for the RPG of those years. Valkyrie Profile did not become a hit, but all who had the opportunity to touch it – were delighted. So the mobile port will become an opportunity to once again touch the classics.

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