Details on cross-platform multiplayer in Fortnite and support for controllers


The announcement became one of the most high-profile information guides in the last few months, but the news itself did not disclose all the details of interest to the players. Already today, we are expecting a special event where we learn something concrete, but for now the players are calming and informing about the most important moments.

First, the developers talked about what will be cross-platform multiplayer. Newcomers with Android and iOS will be able to play along with the users of PC and PlayStation 4. And yes, initially there was no Xbox on the list, however, in a separate application Epic Games told that they agreed with, and the crossplay will be.

Secondly, many began to worry about the competitive component. This most cross-platform multiplayer is great, because it gives you access to 3+ million opponents, but who wants to fight using inconvenient on-screen keys against the player with the mouse and keyboard? Of course, this will not happen. More precisely, all this at will. Under normal conditions, mobile gamers will compete only among themselves. To get into the match, where there are users of other platforms, you can only if you are invited to the squad of one of these players.

Finally, many were interested in the support of controllers. It will be, but later, after the release of the game. We are waiting for today’s updates and release of the game itself.

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