For Civilization VI came two small DLC at 329 rubles


One of the main surprises in the mobile gaming industry at the end of last year was the launch on the iPad. And this is not even a unique version, but a full-fledged port that is only slightly different in graphics. It’s nice that it gives you the opportunity to play the first 60 moves for free, so you can understand whether you need this game or not.

Today, the developers finally convinced the players that the plans for this game on this platform they have the most serious, releasing two sets of DLC: Poland Civilization Scenario Pack and Vikings Scenario Pack.

Both cost 329 rubles, but not too much content. In the first add-on you will have new units, buildings and a script called “Heritage of Yadwiga”. In the second – a new natural miracle of the world, the city-state and the script “Vikings, Merchants and Raiders.”


Until March 1, the original game is sold at a 50% discount, so hurry to try it right now to take at a reduced price. And DLC always have time to buy.

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