PewDiePie and Bulb Boy developers are working on a game in the style of Binding of Isaac


Developers from Bulbware and the famous YouTube-flyer PewDiePie are working together on a new project. It will be called, and it’s something similar to the game previously created by the team, only here in the main role will be … waste of human life.

The plot tells the story of a small vermiform hero, who has serious problems with swelling, because of which he was constantly laughed at. One day the contents of his intestines start to come out, and this, as you know, is a beautiful weapon against the evil lurking in the darkness.

Knowing the studio’s experience, one should expect very strange enemies. Some idea of ​​their appearance can be compiled already with the help of video.

the project will become known soon, but now it’s enough that it reminds you.

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