Pixel platformer Reed move from Android to iOS


Developers from Crescent Moon Games plan to release an earlier exclusive Android-runner on iOS using the publisher PXLink. In each level of this game you have to collect floating dice, trying not to perish from spiders, archers, breaking platforms and other types of enemies. Despite the fact that the gameplay is available to you only a double jump, the game will offer many interesting tests. Fortunately, in case of death, you will be in the same place.

This project looks delicious. It is complete, but this is exactly what we expect from such graphics. The same applies to animation, which is extremely important for where, having missed a millimeter, you will have to start again.

Reed will be sold at a price of only 75 rubles. The situation with this game may seem strange to many, due to the fact that projects usually go first of all to iOS, but this time the reason for this situation is clear: the matter is that for the release on this platform, the developer must be a Mac.

It is likely that this will attract Apple’s attention, but on the other hand, this situation is just an exception, and not a regularity.

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