The “Witch Forest” add-on for Hearthstone is already available to all iOS and Android users


– the reference company in terms of content support of its products. Their collectible card game was released in 2014, and they still continue to release complete additions for it. Today, the release of the 12th DLC under the name of Witch Forest was held.

The game was added 135 new maps, fresh “echo” properties (allows you to play the same card several times per turn) and “attack” (allows attacking the hero’s creatures immediately after appearing on the field, but not the hero) and got rid of “Frenzy.”

Also the release of the add-on marks the beginning of the new year of the crow. As you can remember, this means that in the standard mode there will now be only those cards that came out as part of any additions in the last two years. Older ones can only be used in free format.

Finally, “Witch Forest” will offer players a full single mode “Hunting Monsters” with 4 unique characters. In the process of passing you will have to face 8 bosses and in return receive cards of varying degrees of rarity.

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