The world release of a quality MMO-side-scroller ChronoBlade will be held in March


After the success with Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, developers from nWay are restarted on their side-scroller action-MMO. Initially, it was a project for Facebook, but not without the help of Netmarble, it could also be released on mobile platforms. In China, unfortunately, did not become over-successful, so the developers are planning a global release, which will take place in March this year.

ChronoBlade, like other nWay games, is a high-class mobile online game with synchronous multiplayer. Players are available four characters, each of which has an entire list of abilities. In addition, there is also a customizable outfit that will make every battle completely unpredictable.

There are a lot of controls on the screen, but they are quite large, so it should be convenient to play. Graphics and animation is pleasant, so all that can interfere – problems with online. But since the game has already appeared on the market, this is likely not to happen. To wait remains very little.

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