There was a continuation of Touchgrind BMX 2, so far only in the App Store


Touchgrind BMX is a unique arcade game that allows you to control different parts of bicycles directly with your fingers, forcing it to ride, bounce, perform tricks and so on. Today, developers release after 7 years after the release of the first part.

In terms of the gameplay, the sequel does not differ much from the original, but it looks prettier, gives you the ability to change the appearance of the bike and includes several locations in which you will play: mud, desert, forest, the tops of buildings and much more.

If you have not played such games before, but want to try, then keep in mind the idea that this really needs to be learned and do not drop after a couple of minutes. Touchgrind BMX 2 is available. In-game purchases unlock additional routes, and by buying a bandle, you can access immediately to all the content of the game.

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